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Commercial Real Estate investing
for a post-COVID recovery

Mission Capital knows California

Are you positioned for the
economic recovery
opportunity window?

We know California.  We see opportunity.

Mission Capital is finding opportunities in the California multifamily market to fully take advantage of COVID and post-COVID economic cycles.

California Expertise

Our partners were born and raised in California.  Take advantage of our local knowledge in finding income and growth opportunities throughout the state.

Real Estate Experience

Misson Capital’s team has decades of real estate experience, including extensive investment management and property management services.

Big Data Analysis

Our team has a passion for data analysis and core competencies to find trends where others can’t.

Market Access

Take advantage of our extensive relationship network in the California real estate industry.

Mission Capital Fund I

The economic transition from recession to recovery is opening a window of opportunity to purchase multifamily properties positioned for significant income and equity growth.

Mission Capital focuses on communities and areas positively affected by remote working population shifts, as well as areas that may see significant value growth over the next few years.  Interested in finding out more?

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About Mission Capital

Mission Capital is a California-based nonlisted REIT that provides income and equity growth opportunities through unique California market access and repositioning strategies.

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2358 University Ave. #2051
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(800) 264-7147

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